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Episode 7

How AI Imaging Is Transforming Satellite Imagery

Heidi Hurst, Xiang (Jerry) He


In this episode we discuss the rapidly developing field of Satellite Imaging.

Our guests on this show are Heidi Hurst & Jerry He.  

They are two remarkable industry Data Scientists with a strong academic pedigree and experience in the field of Satellite Image Processing.  Heidi is based in Washington DC and Jerry is based in New York.  Join us as they discuss their journey into Satellite Imaging and share with us the latest developments in this fascinating and evolving area of Data Science.

Show Notes

Episode Summary


  • Why is satellite image processing such an exciting field?
  • What data sources is satellite image data based on?
  • What are the challenges in using satellite image data?
  • Sensors used in satellite imaging
  • Methods used in satellite imaging – Image Processing, Deep Learning, CNN
  • The Socio-economic applications
  • Industry Applications for Satellite ImagingĀ  – Agriculture, Supply Chain monitoring, Sales Prediction, Insurance
  • The Future of Satellite Imaging






Cool Visual – One Hour of active Satellites orbiting Earth:


DOTA – – Open dataset for object detection in overhead imagery


COwC – – Cars Overhead with Context – specific detection dataset for car counting algorithms